Withdraw to Advance

Jul 15, 2022 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

Someone once said, “Prayer is the throwing of the arms of the soul around the neck of God.” 
Jesus often withdrew from the crowd, noise, and busyness to pray.  He would walk to a solitary place while it was yet night to meet with his Father.  He probably took only a lantern and cloak.  I imagine him sitting on a rock, breathing in the solitude and then opening his mouth to pray.  His prayers, his praise, his petitions, his songs, and his cries flowed into the universe and touched the heart of God. 
Jesus prayed at the start of his ministry.  He withdrew to the wilderness for forty days and contended with the enemy using the Word he had hidden in his heart.  He declared the scriptures and won the victory. 
Jesus prayed before he healed.
Jesus prayed after a deliverance service.
Before choosing the twelve, Jesus prayed all night.
Jesus prayed before feeding the five thousand, before walking on water, and before talking with Jewish leaders.
He prayed alone, in public, before meals, and more.
Jesus prayed.
He modeled for us the rhythm of his prayer life. 
In Mark chapter 6 he tells us to go to our closet and pray.  We are to withdraw and come away to a solitary place.
We withdraw so we can then advance.  We withdraw in prayer to worship, be restored, refreshed, and unburdened.  We then become fit to advance with renewed strength, resolve, and spiritual health.  “We have that closer walk with Thee.”
Come away with the Father over the next few weeks.  The enemy is still roaring and our nation is still hurting.  Withdraw in prayer to prepare for the days ahead.  Withdraw to advance.
Read: Luke 5:16    Luke 6:12    John 6:11    Matthew 11:25

~ Beth Bankert, writer
~ photo by Priscilla du Preez, Unsplash

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