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We’re waiting.
For what,
we do not know.
We’re waiting,
Yes, waiting,
you told us so.

You said wait,
then you were gone.
You said wait,
the light will dawn.
The room was full of
that roared in
fear and doubt.

We’re waiting.
Waiting, not knowing
what it’s about.
We’ve been left to hide
on the earthly side.
Severed in sadness.
Moaning in madness.
Craving what once was.

With wind and flame
The Spirit came
through the narrows and
the celestial fire did roar.
Burning away our doubt
and fear, forevermore.
Leading us into
our destiny.

With wind and flame
The Spirit came
leading us into
our destiny.

Rhonda Logan Bailey, poet
Terri Thompson, photographer

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