Under the Yoke

Nov 13, 2022 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

Am I strong enough to endure this load?
Tenacious enough to remain?
Resilient enough not to crumble with sorrow?
Or languish under the strain?

This heartache is weighty, it taxes my soul,
Pressing me toward the abyss.
It’s sapping my vigor, I’m lifeless and weary,
Enfeebled by dealing with this.

Will You lift this weight? Will You renew strength?
If you don’t, I’m afraid I’ll be crushed.
Exhausted and weary, I beg you: remove it!
This anguish is all just too much!

“I won’t lift this weight, but I’ll carry it with you,
Beneath the yoke bow connected.
This load is for us to carry together,
In weakness My strength is perfected.”

Kathryn Kircher, writer

Danyelle Yoder, artist. Painting entitled Resilient.

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