Three Invitations

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Come unto me…I will give you rest.(1) 
Come…and Peter walked on water.(2)
Come…and you may do the impossible!
Come after me…I will make you fishers of men.(3)
Come away…to a quiet place and rest a while.(4)
Come…and dine.(5)


Follow me…(6)
Come and follow me…(7)
Follow me…and he arose and followed him.(8)
Jesus spoke, “follow me” 13 times in the gospels.


Go home to your friends, tell them how great things the Lord has done for you, and had compassion on you.(9)
Go thy way, and as you have believed, be it done unto you.(10)
Go to the village…find the colt, untie it, and bring it.(11)
Go…and you, too, may fulfill a prophecy.
Go…and teach all nations. (12)
Three simple invitations.  First come, then follow, now go.  This is not a complicated or burdensome request.  Come…Follow…Go.
Receive then release, like a river.  We are to flow like a stream.  Coming, following, going.  It’s a way of life.  Simple. 
Prayer: Thank you, Father, that this request is so simple.  I am the one who complicates it.  Remind me of just how simple this invitation is as I live my life and walk this out.  I want to be like a stream carrying your love, power, and glory to the world.  I pray in the name I love, Jesus!

~ Beth Bankert, writer
~ Colleen Obergfell, stained glass artist

(1)Matt 11:28 
(2)Matt 14:29
(3)Mark 1:17
(4)Mark 6:31
(5)John 21:12
(6)Matt 4:19
(7)Matt 19:21
(8)Mark 2:14
(9)Mark 5:19
(10)Matt 8:13
(11)Luke 19:30
(12)Matt 28:19

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