This Is Love

Mar 17, 2023 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

I was once dead
in trespasses and sins.
I walked the ways of the world.
I was, by nature, a child of wrath.
I was a stranger, an alien
to the covenants and promises of God.

I was once without Christ.
I was once without God.
I was once without hope.
But God,has made me fully alive!

But God, being rich in mercy….
But God, being rich in kindness…
But God, being rich in grace…
But God, being rich in love…
brought me near to His heart
by the blood of Christ.

Now I am a poiema,
A Masterpiece, created in Christ!
I belong with other saints in the household of God.
I could not do this saving by myself.
I did not do this saving by myself.

For it was Jesus Christ Himself
Who wrote the ending of my story!
This is love!

~ Beth Bankert, writer
~ Rhonda Logan-Bailey, artist

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