The Mission

Jan 9, 2023 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

You were the creator of all things,
having breathed life into existence.
The crowning glory of Your creation,
man was empowered to decide for himself
whether or not to follow Your perfect way.

He chose poorly.

But You were not taken by surprise;
Your plan included this scenario from the beginning.
To fulfill the plan,
You were called to leave behind
eternity, position, and glory,
exchanging them
for time, lowly places, and humanity.

This was no Plan B.

You completed Your mission brilliantly,
holding fast to the master plan.
Never once did You deviate from
or try to change it,
even though You could have.
Suffering Servant,
You were faithful until the bitter end.

But that was just the beginning.

Your work was meant to stand
as a testimony to Father’s undying love,
His determination to find what was lost,
to set free that which was held in chains,
and to light up the darkest places with hope and freedom.

And so it does.

Your work has set a standard
for all of us who will come behind You.
Not only has it set us free,
but it has empowered us to follow Your example,
to choose wisely.
Your work started in eternity,
and it will come to fruition and fulfillment there as well.

Yes and Amen.

~ Cathy Schrock, writer
~ Daniel Bonnell, artist, The Cross and the Door,

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