The Battle

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Dark clouds swirling
The fog invading
Darkness consuming
Arrows piercing

The evil one attacking
He knows the weaknesses
Exploitation brings him satisfaction

He whispers the lies that he knows she will believe.

You have failed
You are nothing
You cannot be trusted

She believes and the darkness turns evil. He continues the lies he knows she will believe.

Your mind and heart are rotten
You are at fault
You have screwed it all up
You are shameful
You are embarrassing

She listens and is powerless to fight. He screams at her, hurling arrows of death because he knows she will believe.

You cannot be trusted
You have no worth
You will never measure up
You are pathetic
You are crazy
You are unloveable

She lies helpless, giving in. The darkness has become her. He doesn’t need to yell or accost with arrows any longer. He has her right where he wants her. He whispers again, delivering the final blow because he knows she believes.

You cannot
You are not
You will not

Go hide–find somewhere to wallow and lick your festering wounds. Those wounds have become you now. Rotting, stinking, infecting, death. Pathetic, festering, even maggots won’t touch you. Just lay down and die. I have won.

Dark clouds swirling
The fog invading
Darkness consuming
Arrows piercing

The evil one has come
He has taken captive the weak

The dark clouds are violent
The smoke is black, stinking of flesh
All light is gone

But suddenly
With screams of terror
the darkness flees

A hook emerges
Wood-worn and smooth
Held by hands strong and sure
Soaked by blood from nail pierced hands
The brilliant white sheep that follow bellow softly
The sky–brilliant blue
The grass–gorgeous green
The light is pure and bright

The hands that grasp the hook hold power
The clouds flee
The smoke becomes sweet
Incense fills the air
The light becomes blinding
The arrows cease

The shepherd’s hook drives out the evil
It fights for the sheep
It battles for the wounded
Seeking to carry them Home

The darkness is no more
It cannot exist when the Light is present
The battle has been won


Without words, the declaration is made.

I have won
I am everything
I can be trusted

She believes and the darkness loses its power. He tells her the Truths He has given her because of who He is.

My mind and heart are good
I took the blame
My lips spoke your name
In Me there is no shame
I am not embarrassed by you

She hears but is too weary to respond. He gently calls her. His pierced hands begin to touch the festering wounds from the arrows of death. He knows she is weak, but He is stronger.

I have given you My Peace
Because of Me, you have worth
I have created you
You are beautiful
You are free
You are MINE

She hears Him and weeps. Tears of thankfulness and love soak her. She arises from the corner. Her body bears the scars, but the pain is no more. Light has overcome the darkness, and the Shepherd has found the lost sheep.

She is free. She can fight the lies and finds victory. She does not have to be strong because His strength is in her.

The light is swirling
The peace invading
Love consuming
Hands upholding

The Righteous One healing
He knows the weaknesses and sings a new song over her
He provides all she needs and gives peace.

~ Jill Haskins, writer
~ Deana Harvey, visual artist

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