Tasting Heaven

Oct 20, 2022 | Writer's Blog | 2 comments

With each O ffense, A fence is erected,
and the barriers connect, forming a maze
that people get lost in.
Then a thin spot hovers over them,
as Heaven responds to their worship,
and forgiveness bleeds through that is
tangible for the taking.

A visible calm spreads outwardly
to freely accept in exchange for the
misunderstandings and injured pride
so safely stowed in secret spaces.
Once His peace is realized,
the pain is reduced and released
without reluctance or residuals remaining.

The calming of His love and forgiveness
instantly fills the void,
destroying the debris of division
and establishing unity and provision.
A manifestation of the move of God
causes the people to roar with praise
echoing throughout Heaven and the Church!

Rhonda Logan Bailey, poet and visual artist

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1 year ago

Wow! Just Wow! I LOVE THIS

Reply to  Teresa
1 year ago

I will pass this message onto Rhonda. Thanks for reading and commenting, Teresa!