The Blessing – Part 3

One of our sons just celebrated his 36th birthday.  As I sat looking at his birthday card, searching for just the right words to express all I’m wishing for him in the coming year, the blessing of Aaron from Numbers 6:24-26 came to my mind once again: The LORD...
The Blessing:  Part 2

The Blessing: Part 2

I love sunlight.  To sit on our patio, drinking tea, and watching the way the morning light dapples our Japanese maple, highlighting the vein pattern of each leaf—that’s a piece of heaven for me.  I’m drawn to the sunlight.  When there’s not enough of...

The Blessing: Part I

Read: Numbers 6:22-27 Recently, my heart has been captivated once again by these powerful words of blessing God gave to speak over His people.  A new musical setting was recently written for this passage—perhaps you’ve heard it:  In many places around the...
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