Dear Heartland Church and Friends of Heartland,

For several years we have been raising funds to supply evangelism tents to our mission partners in Africa. This partnership has led to the creation of a ministry called Anglican Missions Africa (AMA) where Captain Pat Jehl serves as the International Director and Captain Richard Mayabi serves as the CEO. Through the ministry of AMA, hundreds of evangelistic crusades have been held resulting in almost 100 churches being planted, thousands of people coming to know Jesus, and the Gospel being preached in schools all across Kenya.

One of the key components to the fruitfulness of this ministry is the training of evangelists. In cooperation with Bishops and Archbishops, Captain Mayabi has been traveling all across Africa training evangelists using curriculum that AMA has developed. The requests for this training continue to grow at a rapid pace. Just a couple weeks ago a Bishop from Tanzania officially asked AMA to train 1000 evangelists!

We are now ready to take the training of evangelists in Africa to the next level. We are working with a website development company to create an online training center. This website will enable us to deliver the training materials to thousands of people all across Africa, walk with them through completion, and prepare them for commissioning and impartation. Due to the wide range of internet availability in Africa, delivering videos, documents, and teachings requires a cohesive technological approach that is specifically tailored for the unique needs of Africa. Because of this, the cost to create this training website is high.

I want to invite you to participate in a special Summer Missions Offering that will go towards the creation of this training website. This is an incredible opportunity for all of us to give an offering that impacts a whole nation. You can participate in this offering in the following ways:

  • Sunday Mornings – We will be taking a special offering during our 10am service on July 18th & 25th
  • Online – Go to and select “Summer Missions Offering” from the drop down “Fund” list. You can also give to this fund through the Heartland App.
  • Mail – You can mail your gift to: Heartland Church, 1025 Vance Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805. Please write “Summer Missions Offering” in the memo line of your check.

I believe this is a strategic moment. Africa is at the beginning of an evangelistic re-awakening that the whole world needs, especially our own country. And we are a part of it! Thank you all for your dedication to the Lord, Heartland, and the work of the Kingdom.

– Pastor Dave