Running Lost

Oct 22, 2021 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

Resistance slashes deep as we run lost 
through the fields 
Seeking to escape the 
familiar false safety of 
Only to cross the Event Horizon 
of a fear-spiral that 
and layers us in concentric lies 
during the freefall, 
as we become unrecognizable;
prisoners of self-imposed bondage, 
doing battle with the tyranny of our soul. 
We hold onto the key just long enough
to give it away, 
remaining hostage to the darkness 
we’ve grown accustomed to.
Once again locked away, 
looking at the key
just out of our reach.
begin to fall
as words take form.
We call out to Hope 
as we cry out for help, 
wanting to be whole again.
Begging, pleading,
“Hold onto me. 
Help me, hear me, heal me. 
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Hold me. Holy, hold me.”
In unity, we’re screaming out these phrases,
yet we hear no other voices,
we’re so convinced we are alone.
With unending toil, we tug in
agonized desperation, 
sobbing secret confessions 
and uttering private promises.
Feeling trapped in the vacuum of a 
hopeless hell and left exhausted
from the struggle of pulling at the Bitterroot,
As we experience the root break off and burrow deeper,
by our own 
ill-advised resistance 
it continues intertwining to strangle us and make bitter our souls.
In a weak whimper we cry, as we look up 
from the lowest level of our pit and
You reveal Your grace.
When we listen to Your word and 
begin hearing the harmony of the phrases,
we cross the threshold of trust, 
and realize we are not alone.
Then we begin to let go of the lies 
we cling to,
freeing our hands 
to grasp Yours.
When we allow You, You will 
lift us from the depths of despair 
and remove the Bitterroot,
turning it to dust that is 
blown away, 
as far as the 
east is from the west.
Stagnation is exchanged 
for the fresh flow of 
Your living waters, 
filling the void with a healing balm 
of Your love, 
and joy. 
That renders us renewed and complete.
~ Rhonda Logan Bailey 
~ Painting by Danyelle Yoder,
Please join me in this prayer:
May the truth of God’s love guide us all across the threshold of trust uniting the heart with the mind so we undeniably believe.
In the holy name of Jesus,
Luke 4:16-19 TPT
Isaiah 61:1-3 NIV
Psalm 102:20-22 MSG
Psalm 103:12 MSG

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