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Now it’s time we observe
All of the browns and grays
Giving birth to color
And welcome the beauty
As it arises forth,
Signaling the change and
Warming our winter souls
That may have grown quite cold.

Both encouraging and
Urging us to break through
And leave behind all the
Darkness and the dirt,
The blindness and the hurt
As we continue to
Praise the only one who
Sustains life everywhere.

Give God all the glory
Each and every moment
Through each and every day.
Praise Him in everything
That you think, do and say.
For His unending love
Illuminates our path
To help us find The Way.

~ Rhonda Bailey with painting by Barb Yoder entitled Spring 

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Carolyn Allen
Carolyn Allen
3 years ago

Beautiful! Thanks ladies!

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