Perfect Timing – Week 3 of Advent

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Timing is everything. We live by time, marching by minutes, hours, days, months. The years pass by slowly and yet quickly as a breath. We’ve found the value of a precious second, whether missing an accident or catching the fall of a little one. We keep calendars, making plans and living our lives. Time marks us as memories build up and experiences change us. And through it all, we walk with a God who works, moves, and lives outside of time.

How slowly did the months and years creep by for Zachariah and Elizabeth? Years turned into decades and still Elizabeth’s womb bore no child. Pain, anguish, sorrow, and desperate prayers must have filled their minds as they marked time in their home and lived in their community. All the while, God knew it was not too late and His plan would be perfectly fulfilled. The births of John the Baptist and Christ the Savior would coincide so that one would prepare the way for the other.

He will herald God’s arrival in the style and strength of Elijah, soften the hearts of parents to children, and kindle devout understanding among hardened skeptics—he’ll get the people ready for God.” Luke 1:17 MSG

What was a heart-rending delay of time for this couple was an ordination of perfect timing with the coming of the Messiah. What seemed as delayed in their world was on time in eternity. How often do we stress and fret over the timing of buying that new house, getting a second car, family vacations? Perhaps the anguish is about the job your family needs or how the heating bill will be paid.

Friends, let’s rest in this Advent season. Confident in His goodness and faithfulness, we can rest in Him. The Scriptures are overflowing with promises and our lives bear testimony of those promises fulfilled over and over again. Timing is everything. We often are certain we see the perfect solution to a problem in our lives. Could it be that He is working together something far better for us? Yes.

Today, rest your weary hearts and minds. Take comfort in knowing that the delay in your life will become Eternity’s perfect timing.

* * * *

Jesus came to him,
the follower of His ways.
He came to be baptized,
by a lover of God.

Called John the Baptist,
people of Jordan swarmed to him,
to be washed of their sins.

Though he could not fathom
baptizing the Son of God,
but Heaven opened with gladness
at the sight of His baptism.

Artwork: Christine Clifton | Writing: Heather Burgette | Poem: Rebecca Dingman

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