My Father’s Hands

Oct 15, 2021 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

It was an especially crisp afternoon, that bracing fall atmosphere in which children love to play. There was just a hint of chill in the air as I raced through the crunchy, colorful leaves to try out our new rope swing. Earlier, my father had thrown the rope up over the lowest branch on our tall walnut tree, tying a big, knotted loop at the bottom end of it. He came inside with a huge grin on his face as we were preparing the table for supper, then pointed to the swing through the kitchen window. “Who’s going to be first?” he asked. I just had to be first! I was determined, as the youngest of three, to prove my moxie to my two older siblings.

I was the first one out the door and ran across our lot as fast as I could, winning the footrace to the walnut tree. “Lift me up, Daddy!” I cried out with my arms held over my head. My father was built like an ox and strong as a bear, the strongest man I have ever met. He swept me up in his massive hands, tossing me up over his head like a sack of potatoes. I squealed with glee as he caught me again. He placed me on the knot and held on to me, swinging me back and forth. I was up off the ground at least four feet, but never once was I afraid. I knew that my Daddy was right there with me, holding on to me and that he would not let me fall.

How about you? Think of a time when you were in a precarious situation that could have filled you with fear. Have you ever felt like you were in over your head and in danger? Or have you experienced a temptation so irresistible you felt as if you would give in at any moment and wreck your life, your witness, your family? Your heavenly Father is right there with you in every situation, no matter how overwhelming or dangerous (Hebrew 13:5). You can trust Him implicitly! He is mighty to save and can rescue you from imminent danger (Psalm 68:20). He is wise and can guide you through each and every situation you face (Proverbs chapter 2). He is ready, willing, and able to come to your aid, and He has every resource at His disposal, ready to dispatch the exact aid you need at just the right moment (Matthew 4:6). All you need do is ask for His help, and He will save you (Psalm 18:3)!

READ: Psalm 63:7,8; John 10:29; Psalm 55:22; Proverbs 3:25, 26

LISTEN: Forever by Chris Tomlin,

PRAYER: “Father, You have always shown Yourself faithful to me, and I trust You. In my current situation, I need Your help. I know You have all I need, and that I am in Your hands. Please help me!”

~ Cathy Schrock

Photo is of Cathy as a child with her father on the day this story took place.

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