Making Room

Jun 25, 2024 | Writer's Blog | 2 comments

“And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You.” Psalm 39:7 NKJV

What would you think if you came to my house, walked in the living room, and discovered it empty? No furniture. No decor. Absolutely vacant. You would think we were moving or perhaps expecting new furniture to arrive any day.

That’s kind of how I felt when God was leading me at the beginning of 2024 to empty my life of things that I once loved doing but no longer fit. I love a full life. I feel most productive when I am busy, and I am so grateful for the physical ability to be active; I previously had lost it for many years due to chronic and acute pain. So, you can imagine this was a disconcerting task: to say no to many good things which I was capable of doing and where others had been blessed. And yet, I felt compelled to do so.

I knew we had entered a new era in 2024, the likes of which we have never seen. I knew there was no going back to life as it was before 2020, before COVID tried to shut life down. God was up to something brand new and colossal, and yet, I really didn’t know how to define it. I felt lost and tempted to just fill the calendar with events and commitments. But I knew much of it was no longer a good fit for me. It was time to let it go and enter into that seemingly blank space of “waiting on God.”

So here I sit, in a still, quiet life. Not completely empty but with many free hours in a day and few commitments. Here, I ask many questions. God, what are You doing? What’s most important? What’s on Your heart? Should I do this? Should I do that? How do I prepare for this new era?

You see, I am making room. I am clearing a space for God to refill, redirect, and realign me for new assignments from Him. And I’m discovering something in the process. What He really cares about is our relationship. Conversing with Him while sitting on the bare floor. Bringing Him into every little thing. Honoring His presence everywhere and always. Surrendering my desires to Him. Being okay with just “being” and not “doing”. Rejoicing in who He is and not just what He does.

I will enjoy the day when new “furnishings” arrive, but until then, I am content to just simply live day to day in a blank space, bending my ear to hear His voice, enjoying His constant presence, and allowing Him to redefine My life in His way and time.

How about you? Are you busy as usual or are you stopping the clock to wait on Him?

“Here is where I lay it down
You are all I’m chasing now
This is my surrender
This is my surrender” ~ Make Room by Kim Walker-Smith

~ Janet Mueller
~ photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

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Bobbi Muncy
Bobbi Muncy
28 days ago

Thank you! I needed this so much right now. This is such a REMA word!