Momentary brilliance where majesty 
breaks through the narrows 
as light,
cryptic and veiled, dances with shadows,
sifting textures and shifting patterns 
above the 
earthen stage,
to a soundtrack of the
soft breeze 
pine trees.

I witness 
the artist presence of God
as He creates a watercolor sky,
ever changing shades of blue,
in vivid value 
holy hue
and my awe
becomes worship
as I marvel at creation
surrounding me.

Blades of grass 
amongst the stones,
trees poised to touch the sky,
deer trodding along the path 
heron wings 
in slow rhythm, fly. 
No longer able to sit in silence,  
I join in with these words of praise,
for such treasures 
witnessed I.

to his loving call,
with a soaring spirit, 
offering my all.
Believing and receiving, 
embracing and engaging, 
I witness, 
bridging the gap 
Heaven and Earth.

  Rhonda Logan Bailey

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