Heartland Leadership Transition

July 19, 2015

Dear Heartland Church,

For many years, it’s been my desire that Heartland would be a multi-generational church with sons, fathers & grandfathers all laboring together. After planting Heartland Church with Carolyn in March of 1985 I passed on senior leadership in the spring of 2008. I was gone from the day-to-day life of the church until I stepped back into leadership at the request of the Board in January 2009. As a result of several factors, Heartland was losing constituents and that trend continued through the spring of 2009. But, we began to grow again by the fall. As the lead pastor I had some wonderful support and help for various ministries from some super, talented, committed, and loyal leaders.

By April 2010, we brought Dave Frincke on staff part-time to help with the worship community and small groups. Along side Carolyn and I, Dave quickly became an incredible support worker who had and continues to reinforce our DNA. Increasingly from then to now, Dave has taken on more and more responsibility for more and more areas of our corporate life giving great oversight, coaching and bearing good fruit.

Now, it is my understanding that the Lord is directing me to step into a new position at Heartland as a support pastor. Dave will now step into his new position as the lead pastor of Heartland Church. I am not retiring or leaving, but the day-to-day executive leadership will pass to Dave. I now will work for him as he has assisted me. Carolyn and the rest of the ministry staff will continue in their existing roles.

This transition from me being the lead pastor and Dave being a support pastor, to Dave being the lead pastor and to me being a support pastor, will be publically and formally acknowledged on Sunday morning, October 18, 2015. I pray you will continue to support Dave as you have supported me. I pray that we will continue to do together what we cannot do alone. All the generations, laboring side by side, for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom rule in us and through us to our city and to the nations.

Ron Allen

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