Heartland Group Leaders

Thank you for investing your time & energy to lead a group at Heartland. Please fill out the Group Summary form after each of your group meetings. Also, feel free to download the 5 Question Relational Bible Study materials as needed. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Lori Stombaugh.


5 Questions - Leaders

5 Question Relational Bible Study handout for leaders to use when your group meets.



5 Questions - Handout

5 Question Relational Bible Study to hand out to your group.


Service Opportunities for Community Groups

Part of being a Community Group is serving together. We’d like for each group to do at least four service projects during your time together. Lori will help you coordinate your projects. Present the list to your group for discussion and let her know what projects you may be interested in.

Lakeside Fall Concert—Sunday afternoon, September 23. We need one group to help Jen with children’s activities (Science object lessons) and whatever else the neighborhood board needs help with!

Neighborlink Projects –things like painting, yard work, etc. Lori will help you choose a project and set it up.

Heartland Food Pantry – all kinds of opportunities to serve here—either during your regular group time or on Sunday evening.

St. Michael’s and Oasis Community Center—cooking/serving dinner as a group and/or helping during their meeting times on Tuesdays.

Lightfest— we need EVERY GROUP to participate in this one. Lori will be working with Liam, Rooted and group leaders to coordinate games, food, and activities for the neighborhood. October 31.

Freimann Square Church—early Sunday morning. Serve by helping with food, set-up and or ministry.

Smith Academy for Excellence (http://www.fwsafe.com/) – An outstanding charter school downtown with a high percentage of young men of color from single-parent homes. We’re working with Smith Academy on service opportunities.

Great American Cleanup—a national program with a neighborhood presence. We’ll work with the coordinators to participate in cleanup and service. Tentative Date: April 20.

If you have ideas for other service opportunities, please let Lori know!

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