Genesis Light

Dec 21, 2023 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

Creation began first as a thought. Just an idea in God’s mind,
He then formed words and when spoken they became.
Through becoming, patterns of infinite combinations
were set into motion
on waves of light.

As creation rippled forth, traveling in every direction,
transforming the darkness with some objects emanating light
and others reflecting it.
Subsequently, an oasis in space called Earth
was populated by God’s thoughts and words,
including human kind.
But because of our failure to comprehend,
The Word took on flesh and became
Jesus juxtaposed.
The creator of water became thirsty.
The creator of food became hungry.
The creator of man became a man,
sleeping under the stars that He created.

Jesus turned the ordinary into extraordinary
by bridging the chasm between Heaven and Earth.
Bringing God to us and us to God.
The Genesis light is the same light that
continues to enlighten us, for
He is not anywhere absent.

Emmanuel, God with us, HOPE
to us, PEACE
for us, JOY
in us. LOVE

Rhonda Logan Bailey, poet and artist

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