Formed in Darkness, Unveiled in Light

Dec 7, 2022 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

How do you interpret darkness, whether literal darkness or figurative darkness? Are you able to see our Lord with you, or do you wonder where He is in your darkness? Interestingly, to our Lord, the darkness and light are the same (Psalms 139:12). Scattered in the night sky are countless stars. Here light and dark co-exist together. Can you imagine stars in your darkness to light your way? Are you looking for them; can you see them? Can you sense God with you working, or can you only see the impossible scenario as the darkness encloses upon you?

Full of mystery, God reveals who He is to those who seek Him. Is it strange that our Lord says that He dwells in darkness (1 Kings 8:12)? Why would God choose to live in the dark? He made darkness His secret place (Psalms 18:11). In His secret place of darkness, our Lord hides His treasures and secret riches (Psalms 139:12). When you find yourself in a dark place, could it be that you possibly are one of those treasures the Lord has hidden there, or maybe you have treasures to discover and uncover in the midst of your darkness.

Overcoming the separation between the natural realm and the supernatural realm, our Lord has opened a way through time and space to enter our situations revealing peace-filled truth to us. Through our voice, prayers, thoughts, tears, and worship, our hearts are laid bare to our Lord. We invite Him into where we are and where we have been to bring beauty from our ashes.

God, who holds and controls time and has the whole world in His grasp, enters into our darkness to bring His light and reveal His truth. Treasures are being dispersed from heaven. Can you see them? Are you seeking Him in your darkness and allowing His light to unveil His truth and His work in you?

~ Christina Dillman, writer
~ Rhonda Logan-Bailey, mixed media artist

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