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When our souls are exhausted and we’re running on empty,
we seek courage.
When we feel timid, incompetent, ill-prepared, and unqualified,
we crave courage.
When we agree to do something we’ve never done before,
we cry out for courage.
When we are going down for what we think is the last time,
we need courage.

The Free Dictionary says that courage is:
The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face
or vicissitudes
with self-possession,
and resolution;

And so we look inside,
and look around,
and look up
and ask, “Where IS this courage
and how can we get some?”

First of all, know that courage is not the absence of fear.
It’s being scared,
and yet still finding a way to do
what you really want to do,
what others need you to do,
or what you believe God is calling you to do—in spite of all that fear.

Secondly, know that our heavenly Father is the God of all courage!
He personified courage when He created man with free will
and the power to receive Him or reject Him.
He demonstrated courage when He sent His only Son
to be ultimately separated from Him and die for us.
He will not deny us courage when we ask Him for it;
He is more than willing to share His bravery.
He is our greatest cheerleader!
If we are not hearing cheering, we’re not hearing from heaven!

And after we are infused with bravery,
whether for the short term or the long haul,
it becomes part of our soul and our story.
This gives the ability and authority to offer it to others and
endow them with life-giving courage.

Got courage? Give some away.
Need courage? Ask for encouragement from God and others.
There is more than enough to go around!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Some simple (but not necessarily easy) ways to grow in courage:

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Ask for help.
  • Do something new.
  • Take a risk and invite someone to join you on your adventure.
  • Speak up for yourself.
  • Attempt the thing your heart is calling you to do, but your mind says you can’t.
  • Tell the truth when you would rather lie.
  • Tell your story — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Being vulnerable leads to courage.
  • Do the right thing, even in the face of opposition.
  • Do the loving thing, even if you don’t get a response.
  • Tell someone what Jesus has done for you.

Then the one who looked like a man touched me again, and I felt my strength returning. “Don’t be afraid,” he said, “for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!” As he spoke these words to me, I suddenly felt stronger and said to him, “Please speak to me, my lord, for you have strengthened me.” ~ Daniel 10:18, 19 New Living Translation

~ Janet Mueller, writer
~ Ali Card, visual artist

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