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Void of light — black, mysterious, and unknown. Where is the road?
Eyes, but unable to see. Thick darkness envelopes me.
Blackness covers and conceals all that would be revealed with light.
Heightened senses. Feeling misplaced. Hesitant.
Daring to take a step into what? I do not know.


I whisper, “Lord, how did I get in this place?”
My ears perk up and my heart becomes still. I hear the Lord respond,
“My child, this is My secret place, where I dwell.
I create best in the darkest places. Have no fear; I dwell here.
I birthed creation out of darkness when I spoke, ‘Let there be light.’
I created and formed you in complete darkness inside your mother’s womb.”


I hear, even feel, the expressive joy in His voice as He speaks again.
“And I am not finished; do you trust Me?”
Then I feel My Lord stand beside me.
Reaching out His hand, His fingers touch mine as our fingers intertwine.
I sigh, “I trust you Lord. Help me to just be and allow You to create in me.”

Gen. 1:1-3
1 Kings 8:12
Psalms 18:11
Psalms 139:15

~ Christina Dillman, poet
~ Danyelle Yoder, painter

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