Carolyn Allen is an ordained minister and has been in the pastoral ministry for 57 years. She co-founded Heartland Church in March 1985 with her husband, Pastor Ron Allen. 

Carolyn is currently an associate pastor for pastoral care. She has compassion to teach, minister, and equip people with God’s truths that heal the broken-hearted and result in transformation.

 Dr. Allen has published three books, Journey into Wholeness, Life-Changing Questions, and Growing Kingdom Fruit. She has developed a video series based on Journey into Wholeness.   Each of her works is designed to lead people through personal ministry and practical application with the end result of healing and transformation for the whole person. The principles are also used to train teams to disciple people into a Christlike lifestyle.  

Carolyn has two children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren and is privileged to live in close proximity to them. She enjoys reading and developing materials that encourage and support transforming Christlike lifestyles.