Authority Over Power

Feb 18, 2024 | Lent, Writer's Blog | 0 comments

Footprints come and go,
but the question remains,
“Will you trust me?”
For in the extremes of the desert,
humbleness is fostered or
weakness exploited.

Called into the wilderness by the Spirit,
Jesus trekked for 40 days and nights
toward the inevitable confrontation
as each footprint was erased by the wind,
leaving no evidence behind.

The enemy arrived at the end
of the 40 days, knowing what flesh
would lack and expecting Jesus to
be weakened and unable to resist.

However, Jesus saw through
the conjured temptations.
Understanding completely,
for He was fully flesh,
but also possessing Divine authority
that outweighed the enemy’s power.

Upon realizing this, the enemy slunk back
into the darkness of defeat and began
devising a new plan involving a human traitor;
while angels came and ministered to Jesus.

Through my holy imagination,
I see servants of God turning
rocks into bread and water into wine
to end His fast, as He reclined His head
upon the shoulder of one,
there was a victorious grin on His face,
knowing that was finished.

~ Rhonda Logan-Bailey, poet and painter

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