Abiding: My Love Letter to God

Mar 11, 2023 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

Dear God,

Who am I that You would even be aware of me? I am but one person to have walked on this orb. Having accomplished so little in my years, yet I strive to deepen the experience.

…Like a river in constant motion,
yet with nearly imperceptible change,
I continue altering the terrain of my
thoughts and understanding.

I am just Rhonda, grasping at the notion of Heaven always being day… and wondering does that mean there are no colors or clouds in the sky? I rebuke that notion!

Then I find myself comparing Heaven to the Earth’s rotation and contrasting that to people chasing after the elusive acceptance of their efforts or the difference it makes.

Light pursuing darkness or vice versa.
When according to science….Day and night are only caused by the motion of the Earth… which You set into place.

And yet with You, there is no darkness,
no need to run or hide…for Your love is all encompassing, surrounding, supporting.
Like water when I am in a pool.

It’s like liquid gravity…Whoa!!!
Liquid gravity in the form of light, that illuminates and grounds me, guards and guides me along my path, the path, The Way.

God, You know me, every scale on my body, every cell within, all my thoughts and reactions, the laughter and tears…You know me and still call my name until I hear You.

Then You spoke the meaning of my name to me…”Mighty River.”
I identify with that and it has resounding relevance to me.

Simultaneously, I recognize the fear and doubt causing me to remain in the shallows and hiding in the shadows of others much bolder than me.

Because I did not fully realize
the safety of Your love until now
and with sweet surrender,
I accept, exclaiming as I let go,

“I am but one drop joining the flow of Your living waters, The River of Life.”
You welcome me by saying,
“The more water in the channel, the faster deepening will occur.”
We laugh together as my understanding deepens.

Forever, in constant motion, and perceptibly changing, altering the terrain of thought and understanding through the constant reveal of Your undeniable love, the ultimate Mighty River!

I Love You with ever-increasing depth.

Forever yours,


~ Rhonda Logan Bailey, writer and visual artist

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