A message from Pastor Liam


I want to start off by offering thanks on behalf of myself, Deborah, and Gryffydd. To everyone at
Heartland Church and beyond who has prayed, thank you for being faithful and petitioning on
behalf of our Church body during this transition period. To Dave, Bethany, and the Frincke
children, thank you for your step of obedience to what God has in store for you as a family. I
am incredibly proud of each one of you and thankful for your modeling of faithfulness. To the
staff of Heartland Church, thank you for hanging in there during the unknowns and being so
steady in our mission and service. To our Bishop Mark Engle and his wife Terri, we offer our
greatest gratitude for walking this season out with us, praying with us, and supporting us to no
end. And to the board, thank you for the endless hours of mental energy being taken up, long
meetings, discussions, emails, and countless prayers, and seeking the Lord together as a
governing body. Thank you for everything you’ve done and the way you stepped into this gap
and led well.
For months myself and Deb have sought the Lord on the calling that He has been introducing
to our lives. We recognize the weight of the responsibility, the sacrifices that need to be made,
and the cost of what we’re about to arrive into. We are incredibly honored to be asked to enter
into this position and so excited to come into this time as a family. From the moment that I
stepped into the doors at Heartland in 2016 as an intern I knew this Church was special. I knew
this was a place where the Lord had me, and I knew this was going to be a community in
which I was going to grow. When we got married in this building in 2017 we knew this was our
home base of worship and service. As we started ministries together, as we ministered to our
city and to our neighbors, we knew that we had to move into this neighborhood. We feel like
we have embodied and represented Heartland because we have been so loved on, poured
into, and cared for by the entirety of Heartland Church. For all the ways that YOU have been a
part of this, we thank you!
I ask in advance for grace. I will make mistakes and I will learn from them. As a church, we
must learn to make mistakes together and grow together. I am not Dave, and he is not me and
that is good! It’s the beauty of God’s craftsmanship that creates us to be unique with giftings
and skills and I believe we have a new place to come into together.
I’m so excited to step in as Heartland’s Senior Pastor and in the upcoming weeks and months I
am longing to be able to share what I truly feel like the Lord has in store for us as a body.
Heartland’s long journey as a pioneering church will continue. Our DNA of worship and healing
will continue to be at the center of our mission. The community will continue to grow and ripen.
We get to anticipate together. We get to love together. God’s not done yet. We get to look
forward, together.
Our love,
The Grahams