A Captivated Heart

Mar 7, 2023 | Writer's Blog | 0 comments

I’m so frustrated with myself! I did it again: I’ve gotten sidetracked in the middle of my quiet time. It takes so much energy to stay focused! Sigh! I’m going to be spending a long time with the Lord again this morning—not because I’m so devout, but because I keep getting distracted. I feel so ashamed before the Lord. He deserves all of my focus and attention. He deserves something so much better than what I’m giving Him!

But He doesn’t seem to be as frustrated with me as I am with myself. In fact, the Lord gives me a completely different perspective on these struggles. He’s reminding me that He knows me better than I know myself. He is quite familiar with my makeup and understands how challenging it is for me to stay focused. He’s not mad at me for getting sidetracked. Instead, He’s delighted every time my focus returns to Him! With my holy imagination, I see Him welcoming me with open arms. What kind of love is this?! What kind of grace?

Then He brings to mind a snippet of Scripture: “…You have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes…” (Song of Songs 4:9b NKJV). I’m undone! Not only does He understand my struggles and welcome me, but His heart is also captivated every time I look in His direction. As I study some of the translations of this passage, I’m overwhelmed by the intensity of His love: my glances stir1 and steal2 His heart, capture it3 and carry it away4. When I look in His direction, it leaves Him breathless5. Every time—not just during my quiet time, but all throughout the day! Whenever I regroup and return my focus to Him, each time I turn to Him for help, every time I gaze in His direction, it makes His heart beat faster6! He’s not cross with me for getting distracted; He’s thrilled each and every time my eyes return to Him once again. He loves my glances.

It just takes “one look,” one glance in His direction to set His heart on fire.

“What wondrous love is this, O my soul?!” 7

You have ravished my heart as well, my Bridegroom, my King!

~ Kathryn Kircher, writer
~ Deana Harvey, painter

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